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About Us.

from left: MAY CHEN & ENNA YE 

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We are two “Chiwi” cousins - first generation New Zealander born Chinese that are passionate about food and cooking from scratch.


You may have seen us on a little cooking reality TV show... My Kitchen Rules... Which gave us an opportunity to delve further into our love for food! We're not professional chefs, but we enjoy learning how food is made in a world full of processed foods.

Food is a medium that brings together people and that is what Asian cuisine is generally all about - Yum Cha is the biggest example of that.

Being born and raised in New Zealand, we haven’t been fully immersed in our home culture growing up as a result of trying to mix two worlds - Your Kiwi life and your home life. We found that we could connect through food. This is a culinary journey in discovering our roots, old and new, that we’d like to share with you!

May has had an upbringing that isn’t typical in a traditional Chinese upbringing - being raised by a Pākehā and Māori caregivers until the age of 6 while her parents were working hard in the takeaway. Enna’s parents had a takeaway too, so both of us had to help out after school at the takeaway. Lots of memories of wrapping spring rolls, folding wontons, flipping burgers, taking orders and eating yummy takeaway food.

It's not just Asian food we are interested in but all sorts! We're both bread lovers, with May making sourdough on the regular. Every weekend we are experimenting, perfecting and practicing with one day putting together a cookbook to honour our parents recipes and our own. 

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